Born in Rome, the 14th of may 1966.

I share my life between Rome, Florence, Venice, Hamburg and Nice…

After my graduation from two National Fine Arts Schools in Rome and Venice, I started singing and traveling all around my country, making any different job that was helping me to fulfill the dream of my life:

to finally being able to perform on stage in front of a crowd, communicating my feelings and my passions.

That helped me realizing that I was looking at the World all around me with different eyes and the need and desire to communicate my feelings about it, was soon growing very strong, very deep and emotional.

Drawing, painting, writing about it was not enough, so I started to catch the moments, the fragments of life and time, to freeze them forever and take a deeper look at everything:

“Hic et nunc”.

This is photography to me.

This is what this fine art is all about: to stop the moment in the “panta rei” of life,

to fall in love with every’ s movement small detail, every’ s World little touch or sight surrounding me.

The travel, the emotion of the curiosity, the will to see, to meet, to know knew faces, new people, new places guide me through the world, the time and the space.

Every time I take a picture I am trying to tell a story getting into the deeper intimacy of my subjects, whether it’s people, animals, nature, landscapes…

And now, i’ m going to share it with you.


– Ivan Urban Gobbo –